IT's impact on Amateur Astronomy

Joint YPG Event with IET youth section

19 February 2008

Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast. 6.15pm for 6.30pm start.

Free with Tea and coffee on arrival.


PDF fileOfficial event poster

At this event you could "Find out how the GoTo 'scope works, why the humble webcam has revolutionized imaging of the Moon, Sun and planets, how Charge Coupled Devices and Digital Single-lens Reflex Cameras have made Deep Sky imaging accessible to amateurs on a budget, and how the laptop computer ties everything together as well as allowing information and imaging to be shared on the Internet".

The speaker Paul Evans was a graduate of Electronics and Economics from Keele University, a member of BCS & the Irish Astronomical Association.

His interest in astronomy began in the 1960s as a result of the Apollo Moon missions but when he came to live in Northern Ireland in 2003 & discovered dark skies his passion for his hobby grew. Being a keen photographer Paul applied his knowledge of technology to the imaging of objects in the night sky. He is now one of the most promising astrophotographers Northern Ireland has ever seen.