Spatial, moving from desktop to cloud

Tuesday 20 September, 6.30pm

The Mount Business & Conference Centre, 2 Woodstock Link, Belfast, BT6 8DD

Following the BCS Belfast Branch AGM , the Chairman’s Invitational Lecture will be given by Eamon Doyle and the subject will be ‘Spatial, moving from desktop to cloud’


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Eamonn will focus on the transition of ESRI's core product, ArcGIS from the desktop to a web services based cloud centric infrastructure. The talk will cover ESRI's experience as well as ESRI's customers experience.

CV: Eamonn Doyle

Eamonn Doyle is Chief Technology Officer with Esri Ireland. If you are looking for a geo-geek, look no further! Eamonn is what you might call a “professional geographer”, he graduated in Geography from UCD in 1985 and has been working with maps ever since. Of course the maps Eamonn works with are of the digital variety and he coined the term “Digital Geography”.

Eamonn believes that maps make sense for business, for the environment and for society. Using maps we can perceive much more information in any set of data and use that information for business benefit.

Rachel McKane Chair of Belfast Branch And Eamonn Doyle

Rachel McKane - Chair of Belfast Branch and Eamonn Doyle the speaker

Spatial, Moving From Desktop To Cloud


From desktop to cloud