James McMoran was awarded the JPP in 2002 for further development of the GP Notebook. In 1992, a group of medical students and a UK general practitioner were awarded the John Perry Prize for an MS-DOS-based flexible, dynamic, updateable and structured computerised medical reference system. At the time of the award the reference system contained over 4000 index terms and was designed to provide an easy-to-retrieve synopsis of the whole of clinical medicine. What has happened to this resource now? This brief paper outlines how the developers of the reference resource have improved on the design and content of the medical database. Now the reference resource is an Internet-based resource called General Practice Notebook and is currently attracting 5000 to 9000 page views per day and containing over 30 000 index terms in a complex web structure of over 60 000 links. This paper describes the evolutionary process that has occurred over the last decade.

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