Richard WilliamsThe Salford Medication Safety Dashboard (SMASH) analyses patient records and uses advanced algorithms to detect patients who may be at risk due to the medication that they are receiving. Data from GP systems is processed, validated and analysed to produce a daily report, allowing health care professionals to always view up to date information. The reports contain lists of NHS number which are available to GPs and pharmacists via an intuitive web interface; they can then decide whether to take further action. The indicators are based on the widely adopted PINCER standard which has been shown to reduce prescribing errors in a cost-effective manner.

About Richard

Richard Williams is a senior software engineer and informatician working at the University of Manchester within the Greater Manchester Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre. Richard was the lead developer on the SMASH project and ensured that the system was built ahead of schedule, virtually bug free, and has attained an availability in excess of 99.9%. He is responsible for its future development and direction.

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