PRIMIS+ has been awarded this year’s John Perry prize at the British Computer Society’s Primary Healthcare Specialist Group conference for innovation and excellence in UK primary care computing. The data quality organisation received the award at the PHCSG’s annual conference last week. Sheila Teasdale, strategic director of PRIMIS+, said the award was recognition of the work of the whole PRIMIS+ team.

She added: “This is recognition of the commitment and dedication that everyone who has worked at PRIMIS+ has shown since the service was first set up by myself, Dr Mike Bainbridge, Dr Pete Horsfield and Prof Mike Pringle ten years ago.” Teasdale said the award of the prize was especially meaningfully to her personally as she is about to leave PRIMIS+ to join the American Medical Association in Chicago, Illinois.

Carol Clarke, Connecting for Health’s group programme director for PCTs, congratulated PRIMIS+ on the award. She said: “NHS Connecting for Health supports this important work as it is essential for general practices to continually raise the quality of data they hold as we move ahead with the implementation of key NHS Connecting for Health programmes, such as GP2GP and the Summary Care Record. It is clear that PRIMIS+ has helped enable these improvements, through its work in support of PCTs’ primary care facilitators who work very closely with general practice.”

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