Back Issues of FACS FACTS

The following back issues are currently available electronically (in PDF format):

In his Annual Report for 2008-2009, the FACS chair summarised the 2009 BCS Member Group Working Party (MGWP) report, and aired his committee’s concerns about the motivations for and structure of the new Membership Board.

For clarification, a large part of the motivation behind the new board structure had been to provide the most effective way to address the issues raised in the MGWP report.

The first two principles of the Membership Board structure, as set out in the paper approved by Trustees in October 2009, are to:

  • Allow the grass roots member groups to operate independently (within agreed rules) while providing effective and focused support when they need it
  • Prioritise the two most urgent issues raised by the MWGP report: better regulated and appropriate financial support, and introduce clarity, consistency and equality across groups

At the time of writing (November 2010), the Membership Board and its committees are starting to get up and running, and a member-led consultation is in progress over what is an appropriate set of rules for BCS Specialist Groups and Branches.

I hope your committee will have contributed to the consultation, if they felt the need to, and I wish FACS every success for the future.

Adrian Walmsley
BCS VP Membership
November 2010