The NHS Interoperability Tool Kit (ITK)

Joint Meeting: BCS Health Northern Specialist Group and BCS West Yorkshire Branch

Tuesday 12 April 2011 at 18:30 (refreshments from 17:45). Reception drinks sponsored by X-Lab. Connecting Pathology with NPEx, the National Pathology Exchange for the NHS.

Keith Naylor, Head of Data Standards Implementation and Outreach Group, Department of Health Informatics Directorate

Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds, Charles Thackrah Building, 101 Clarendon Road, Leeds LS2 9LJ. Room 1.01.

The Leeds Institute of Health Sciences has kindly provided the facilities for the evening. For a campus map see See below for details of how to get there.


An "Information Revolution" is promised for the NHS. What implications are there for system vendors and the NHS local organisations?

The concept of patients being treated by any willing provider and a shift away from the monolithic all pervasive ‘replace all’ strategy of the NHS National Programme to a locally driven ‘connect all’ strategy creates a new challenge for the NHS. Patient data should be accessible wherever a patient accesses healthcare services. The NHS Interoperability Tool Kit (ITK), developed by NHS Connecting for Health, is designed to establish a common protocol for data exchange between systems.

One of the criticisms of the old NPfIT was that it could take years to implement much needed changes in IT systems within the NHS and that these systems did not always support local requirements. Part of the Government’s proposed Information Revolution for the NHS is to ensure rapid access to information when and where it is needed; another is that decisions can be taken locally on which systems will best support their needs. But how can this all be achieved? The Information Revolution will have an impact on all of us in one way or another. ITK is one way of enabling these far reaching changes in support of that Revolution. Come along to find out how!

Keith Naylor will describe how and why the ITK was developed, where we are now and plans for the future. He will be happy to take questions and discuss any aspect of the ITK.

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