Green IT

Thursday 23 September 2010 (immediately after AGM matters)  

NTI Leeds, Old Broadcasting House, 148 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9EN

Colin Pattinson, Professor in Mobile & Converging Technologies, Leeds Metropolitan University; and committee member, BCS Green IT specialist group


Colin is Professor in Mobile and Converging Technologies at Leeds Metropolitan University, where he runs the MSc in Green Computing - the first and only course of its kind to run in the UK; He co-authored the University’s Green IT strategy and is researching computer hardware and software sustainability and performance through a number of projects and consultancy work. He also teaches network management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He received BSc (Hons) and PhD degrees from the University of Leeds and is MBCS.


Beginning with a consideration of the different reasons for adopting a "green" agenda, the presentation will address some of the areas where IT can support that green agenda - both by changes to the IT itself, and by using IT to affect other parts of the operation. Examples of current research data will be presented to support the cases being made. The presentation will consider the issues around disposal of equipment, and conclude with an overview of the likely future of the green IT specialism, including qualifications and training options.

  • Introduction
    • Green, sustainable or "the right thing to do"?
    • Why do it - Cost, compliance or corporate social responsibility?
  • The IT system life cycle: purchase, use, disposal
    • Identifying choices which enhance sustainability
  • Understanding the numbers
    • Measurements and quoted "efficiency returns"
  • Efficiency in IT systems
    • Virtualisation; thin client; cloud computing; wake up on LAN...
  • IT enabling efficiency in the organisation
    • Video conferencing; document management; remote working
    • Building management systems
    • Green data centres - reality or myth?
  • End of life equipment
    • Reuse, recycle, disposal
  • Conclusions
    • The future of green IT
    • Green IT as a career path