The changing landscape of cyber security and malicious software

Tuesday 29 September 2009, 18:30 (Tea and Coffee from 17:45)

Jacques Erasmus, Malware Director and Specialist with


The volume of malware has accelerated, rapidly driven by a change in motive amongst writers from malicious intent to commercial intent evolving from “occasional” exploits to a thriving global economy. With the increasing scale and sophistication of attacks ensuring you or your users are protected is an increasing challenge demanding a  “collaborative” approach to beat the cyber criminals, protecting consumers and businesses.

Modern malware attacks aren’t confided to the dark areas of the internet anymore as you can get infected by simply visiting a perfectly legitimate website that you visit on a daily basis. Jacques will use a real life example of how such an attack takes place and what is needed to do it. He will also give you an insight into the tools cyber criminals are using to compromise their victims. This will be a straight talking and deep dive into what is happening on a day to day basis, including topics such as:

Jacques Erasmus (Director of Malware Research at Prevx) researches emergent types of malware to ensure users are fully protected from these new forms of cyber-threat. Jacques has recently featured on the BBC 6 o’clock news, BBC Click, BBC Breakfast, ITV News and is often approached by international media for his opinion on emerging Internet threats.

Jacques has also been instrumental in the development and growth of the Prevx product (with over over 5 million users worldwide), as well as helping to launch a number of consumer-facing security products which are now protecting millions of people across the world. Jacques has been central to helping champion a behaviour-based approach to security software which addresses the faults inherent with the signature-based methods used by many existing major anti-virus vendors.