Annual General Meeting of Branch followed by "Loyalty and CRM Systems - what do they really mean?"

Thursday, 21 May 2009 at 18:30 (Light refreshments from 17:45)

Stephen Rothwell (BEng) is the CTO of Eagle Eye Technology and Eagle Eye Solutions


The evening will begin with the Annual General Meeting of the West Yorkshire Branch of the British Computer Society. This will be followed by a presentation by Stephen Rothwell.

The world we live in is being ever more tightly connected by digital networks that track and trace our every action. The use of this data by retailers, brands and networks alike is being seen as a key driver to keep the consumers engaged directly with them. This is commonly known as loyalty or CRM systems. However these systems are often driven by Marketing departments within these organizations but in reality these platforms need to be led from an IT perspective.

In this presentation Stephen will focus on the themes and concepts that underline a loyalty system and the challenges an IT department face in developing or deploying these services. This presentation will cover the key aspects of designing a CRM engine, key integration points, data collection, data management and the actual operation of a scheme from the IT departments perspective. During the presentation Stephen will use a worked example for a theoretical design of a Loyalty Engine.

About the speaker:

Stephen Rothwell (BEng) is the CTO of Eagle Eye Technology and Eagle Eye Solutions and has been involved in IT based projects since 1996. Stephen’s experience spans from the development of the core signaling systems for Ericsson mobile phones, through development of payment solutions for MasterCard, Visa and Amex onto the UK leading mobile services.

Stephens’s current focus is on the development of loyalty and transaction systems utilizing the mobile phone as a key consumer device in driving these services forward. In recent years Stephen has been granted a patent on the use of Chip n Pin terminals in the process of Token less loyalty services and transaction services. Eagle Eye Solutions is currently the UK leading mobile voucher service working exclusively with the likes of Commidea and ITV.