Building Sustainable Skills for Your Future

Event jointly hosted by BCSWomen, West Yorkshire Branch and NTI Leeds

Date: Thursday 26 April 2012, 6.15pm - 8.45pm

Old Broadcasting House, 148 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9EN
Directions for Old Broadcasting House can be found at the NTI website

Cost: £5 per person to cover the refreshments.

Krystyna Gadd, Christine Alexander-Smith and Gillian Arnold


The focus of the event is careers and your personal impact and there will be opportunities for networking with other BCS members.

6.15pm - How to create impact in meetings - Krystyna Gadd

Krystyna Gadd started her career in IT as a trainer and has she has since moved into the soft skills arena, working now as a coach and NLP practitioner. This session is aimed at helping you discover how to improve your personal impact in meetings so that you can: impress peers and managers and gain buy-in and get your messages across. With over 20 years of experience, Krystyna can share with you well researched tips and techniques on how you can create an impact. Krystyna is also an accelerated learning practitioner so you should find that you take up and retain a huge amount from this session.

7.15pm - Workshop - Building Sustainable Skills and Career for the future - Christine Alexander-Smith and Gillian Arnold

This workshop was specifically designed to encourage professionals to pay focused attention to their professional development, careers and brand in service of building and maintaining the right skills for their future. We ran this with great success in BCSWomen in London in the Autumn and the session creates great energy and leaves you with the start of a plan for your career. Christine Alexander Smith is an experienced Learning and Development Professional who designs and implements strategies and solutions for medium and large companies. Her primary aim is to leverage everything that is great from an organisation’s Human Capital, facilitating employees leading, managing and developing authentically. Creating environments which foster and encourages innovation, engagement, loyalty and most importantly, impacting an organisations bottom line.

Christine’s philosophy and is that everyone has the potential to be great. Sometimes they need assistance to reacquaint themselves with the skills they have; understanding their values and how best to mobilise these assests to carry out their roles and responsibilities within the business arena.

There will be time for networking between the sessions and afterwards.