Past events: 2007

Date Details
17 Dec 2007 Title: BCS-FACS Christmas Event
Formal Methods in Industry
All day event - sold out!
10 Dec 2007 Title: Process Algebra for Collective Dynamics
Speaker: Professor Jane Hillston, University of Edinburgh
This was a joint meeting with BCSWomen
05 Nov 2007 Title: Games, Interaction and Computation
Speaker: Professor Samson Abramsky, Oxford University
This was a joint meeting with The London Mathematical Society
04 Jun 2007 Title: Using Temporal Logic to Analyse Temporal Logic: A Hierarchical Approach Based on Intervals
Speaker: Dr Ben Moszkowski, De Montford University
10 May 2007 Title: Incremental Development of Distributed Systems
Speaker: Professor Michael Butler, University of Southampton
26 Apr 2007 Title: Design verification for control engineering
Speaker: Professor Ursula Martin, Queen Mary, University of London
This was a joint meeting with BCSWomen
21 Mar 2007 Title: The Abstract State Machines Method for High-Level System Design and Analysis
Speaker: Professor Egon Börger, University of Pisa, Italy
07 Feb 2007 Title: What Can We Expect from Program Verification?
Speaker: Professor Michael Jackson, Open University and Consultant
The FME AGM was held beforehand.