Past events: 2006

Date Details
15 Dec 2006 Title: BCS-FACS Christmas Event - TFM 2006: Teaching Formal Methods | See proceedings
All day event
24 Nov 2006 Title: Mike Shields retirement event: Models of Computation and Open Computing
All day event
09 Nov 2006 Title: Design verification for control engineering
Speaker: Professor Ursula Martin, Queen Mary, University of London. Postponed until 26 April due to illness
This was a joint meeting with BCSWomen
04 Sep 2006 Title: The Computer Ate my Vote
Speaker: Professor Peter Ryan, University of Newcastle
Note: 6pm start
21 Jun 2006 Title: Realising the Benefits of Formal Methods
Speaker: Dr Anthony Hall, Consultant
07 Jun 2006 Title: The Three Amigos: or why 'There is more to specifying systems that connect to the physical world' than they admit
Speaker: Professor Tom Maibaum, McMaster University, Canada
Note: 6pm start
24 Apr 2006 Title: Specifying systems that connect the physical world (Joint work with Ian Hayes and Michael Jackson)
Speaker: Professor Cliff Jones, University of Newcastle
This was a joint meeting with Formal Methods Europe
03 Mar 2006 Title: Programming Language Description Languages: From Scott and Strachey to Semantics Online
Speaker: Professor Peter Mosses, University of Wales Swansea
Jean-Raymond Abrial, ETH Zurich
Ian Hayes, University of Queensland
Cliff Jones, University of Newcastle
John Tucker, University of Wales
30 Jan 2006 Title: Formal Methods in the last 26 years
Note: 5.30pm start
This was a joint meeting with Formal Methods Europe