2016 events

Past events held by the IRMA (Information Risk Management and Assurance) Group.

Does Assurance Add Value?
13 December 2016, London

CISA Revision Workshop
22-24 November 2016, London

CRISC Revision Workshop
15-17 November 2016, London

AGM followed by: BCS Past, Present and Future
8 November 2016, London

Information Risk Management & Assurance (IRMA) as a Career
3 November 2016, London

A Short History of Information Security Technologies
11 October 2016, London

Silver linings: cloudy with a chance of high pressure. Experiences of cloud technologies in an SME law firm
5 July 2016, London

Information Risk In The Real World
28 June 2016, Bedford

Is Blockchain all Bulls**t?
14 June 2016, London

CISA Revision Workshop
24-26 May 2016, London

CRISC Revision Workshop
18-20 May 2016, London

Software Security
10 May 2016, London

Does Assurance Add Value to IT?
26 April 2016, Southampton

How To Protect Your Intellectual Property Assets
12 April 2016, London

Information Risk in the Real World
8 March 2016, London

How to Transfer Personal Data to the US / Elsewhere after Safe Harbour's Demise
9 February 2016, London

Information Security and Risk in the 3rd Sector
12 January 2016, London


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