Science and Engineering: a collusion of cultures

Joint event with London Central Branch.

Thursday 17th April 2008 at 6.00pm for 6.30pm. Ends around 8.00pm.

BCS, 5 Southampton Street, London.

Professor Sir Tony Hoare, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

Tony has been working in computing since 1958. As a professor in Belfast and Oxford, his interests have included compilers, operating systems and unifying theories of programming languages. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and a Distinguished Fellow of the BCS.

Pure Science and practical Engineering lie at two ends of a wide cultural spectrum, diametrically opposed across many dimensions. In every branch of Engineering Science, the intellectual integrity of the discipline, as well as its practical utility, requires that these cultures must not collide. Rather, they must collude in the old etymological sense of playing fairly together. A particular example treated in this talk is the collusion of the Science of Programming with the Engineering of Software. This is a free event.