Past conference from the e-Learning Specialist Group.

Wednesday 19 March 2008

University of Ulster

The BCS INSPIRE (International conference for Process Improvement, Research and Education) annual Conference was held at the University of Ulster, UK

The 13th Annual INSPIRE conference, was organised in conjunction by the BCS Quality SG with the forthcoming BCS e-Learning SG, addresses software process improvement related to teaching, training and research whilst SQM addresses issues relevant to business and industry. 

The presented papers included:

An International Collaborative Approach to Supporting the International Learner 
Alastair Monger,  Southampton Solent University; Professor Ralph Lano, Fakultät Informatik/Technik, University of Applied Sciences, Hof, Germany; Georg Herrmann, b.i.b. International College, Paderborn, Germany

Towards Software Quality Integrity of Existing Asynchronous Content Analysis Schemes for Small Group Collaborative CMC Learning Environment
Peter K Oriogun, London Metropolitan University; Diana Cave, Accenture

Assessing Green IT for SMEs
Margaret Ross, Southampton Solent University, UK

Employability Skills for Knowledge Management: A Case Study in SFIA
Jing Lu, S J Rees, Southampton Solent University; Malcolm Keech University of Bedfordshire

Usability Evaluation, Quality and Engagement in Education
David Cox, Southampton Solent University

GEQUAMO II - Verification, Validation  and Improvement of the Generic, Multilayered, Customisable, Software Quality Model
Elli Georgiadou , Middlesex University