Creating Engaging Online Meetings


Thursday 28 February 2013, 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Online Remote Session

Details will be sent to the delegates before the event. Only online bookings will be accepted.

Whenever you host an online meeting do your attendees see an opportunity to "check-out" and multitask, do you struggle to keep them engaged or connected to your session content?  Maybe you feel that your online meetings lack something and don't quite "hit the mark?"

We have begun to educate our online meeting attendees that an online meeting gives them an opportunity to have a free session multi-tasking while keeping one ear to the phone, it's time to take back our meetings and make them more engaging and effective.

Join David Smith of InSync Training EMEA who regularly are engaged in over 4000 hours of online events per month to discover:

  • Why traditional meeting rules apply, BUT there is a need for more..
  • How to keep the audience engaged and connected with the meeting itself
  • Tips and techniques to create an engaging online meeting experience for all