How to Motivate the Online Learner


Thursday 16 May 2013, 6.30pm - 8.00pm (please make sure you are logged in and set up 5 minutes before the start time)

Online Remote Session

Details will be sent to the delegates before the event. Only online bookings will be accepted.


We all understand how to learn in a traditional classroom environment. We've been doing that all of our lives. It's comfortable.

Online learning has introduced a new learning culture - one that takes time with which to become familiar.

Organisations spend a lot of time planning for, and investing in, technologies - but often forget about the culture change involved with this new learning environment.

In order for online learning to be successful, we need to create environments in which people can effectively learn. Our participants need to be open to learning in this new way, and confident that their time invested in professional development is well-spent.

Join David Smith, Managing Director InSync Training EMEA to discover

  • How setting the "right" expectation from our online learners and their management teams provides a "healthier" online programme
  • Engagement and collaboration techniques that keep your audience connected to your content
  • Tips and Best practices to successfully motivating your online learners

PDF Icon Virtual Classroom - Session Guidelines

PDF Icon 101 Tips to motivate the online learner