Real Business Change With The Neuroscience of Leadership

Tuesday 19 April 2016, 18:30 - 21:00

UTC Reading, Crescent Road, East Reading, RG1 5RQ

Tom Flatau

This is a public event

The internationally acclaimed seminar where you’ll discover how the latest insights from neuroscience and positive psychology are equipping business leaders across the globe with new techniques to improve their leadership practices, change management, innovation and employee engagement - with astonishing results!

Is There Science Behind Leadership?

The answer is YES! Understanding how the human brain works can help you:

  • Double the productivity of your people
  • Focus on solutions rather than problems
  • Lead change and bring your people with you
  • Use carefully crafted tools to boost engagement
  • Reduce workplace stress and conflict

Cultivate Positivity to Drive Peak Performance

Learn how to trigger the changes that breed improved morale, engagement, ownership, responsibility and conflict resolution.

Breakthroughs That Cannot Be Ignored

The implications of the latest neuroscience research are particularly relevant to leaders! Take YOUR first step to improving leadership performance and save on wasted time work.

About the speaker

Tom FlatauTom Flatau is an internationally acclaimed speaker, motivational coach and consultant, whose clients include HSBC, Unilever, Emirates, Siemens and the BBC. Tom’s 21 years of international engagements has helped him craft the unique motivational methods that he delights in sharing with his audiences to enrich their their lives, and their success at work in terms of better team collaboration, increased sales, and achievement of goals.

Tom is regularly invited to speak at executive clubs and best practice groups throughout the UK and Internationally.

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