NFC (Near Field Communications) Beyond Payments

Dave Birch, Direct of Consult Hyperion


More and more mobile handsets are coming with near-field communication (NFC) interfaces. While the early attention has been on using NFC for payments, it has a much wider set of possibilities. NFC is being used for ticketing, advertising, data exchange, room and car keys, identification and many other applications that change the mobile handset from being the edge of the network to a pivot between local and remote environments. In this talk, David Birch of Consult Hyperion will explain what NFC is and share some early experiences from projects ranging from Barclaycard and the Wireless Festival to London Fashion Week and Transport for London.

Dave will be talking more about NFC Beyond Payments.

About the speaker:

David G.W. Birch is a Director of Consult Hyperion, the IT management consultancy that specialises in electronic transactions. Here he provides specialist consultancy support to clients around the world, including all of the leading payment brands, major telecommunications providers, governments bodies and international organisations including the OECD. Before helping to found Consult Hyperion in 1986, he spent several years working as a consultant in Europe, the Far East and North America. He graduated from the University of Southampton with a B.Sc (Hons.) in Physics.

Described by The Telegraph as 'one of the world’s leading experts on digital money', by The Independent as a 'grade-A geek', by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation as "one of the most user-friendly of the UK's uber-techies' and by Financial World as 'mad', Dave is a member of the editorial board of the E-Finance & Payments Law and Policy Journal, a columnist for SPEED and well-known for his blogs on Digital Money and Digital Identity.

He has lectured to MBA level on the impact of new information and communications technologies, contributed to publications ranging from the Parliamentary IT Review to Prospect and wrote a Guardian column for many years. He is a media commentator on electronic business issues and has appeared on BBC television and radio, Sky and other channels around the world.

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