Making Modern Communications: a new gallery at the Science Museum


Tilly Blyth, Keeper of Technologies and Engineering, Science Museum


Making Modern Communications is a transformational project for Science Museum and the largest gallery project for over a decade. It will put history and the world-leading information and communications collections into the heart of the Science Museum experience. The gallery aims to be the world’s foremost gallery celebrating human stories that have shaped how we share information today. This talk will examine some of the objects being placed on display and how the museum plans to break new boundaries by combining interactivity with the collections, developing the gallery in participation with audiences and by combining the concept of communication with information.

About the speaker:

Tilly Blyth is Keeper of Technologies and Engineering at the Science Museum, London. She is interested in the history of computing and how digital artefacts and collections can enrich our social, cultural and educational landscape. Most recently her research has looked at the cultures of influence of the BBC microcomputer for the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA). She also received an AHRC research networking award with UCL to develop an app exploring communications heritage in London locations, with the aim of increasing audience engagement, academic knowledge and public understanding. Over the last year Tilly has been leading the Science Museum content team to develop Making Modern Communications, a new information and communications gallery.

Making Modern Communications: a new gallery at the Science Museum