What can Big Data and Hadoop do for you?

Tuesday 18 June 2013, 7.10pm for 7.35pm start - 9.00pm - Light refreshments will be available.

Savoy Suite, University of West London, Ealing campus, St. Mary's Rd, London W5  5RF | Maps

Mike Merritt-Holmes, CEO, Big Data Partnership


Big  Data: Hundreds of gigabytes of data constitute the low end of Hadoop’s scale. Hadoop is a large-scale distributed batch processing infrastructure. While it can be used on a single machine, its true power lies in its ability to scale to hundreds or thousands of computers, each with several processor cores. Hadoop is also designed to efficiently distribute large amounts of work across a set of machines.

This talk looks at the concepts and benefits of Hadoop and Big Data. It will help both IT professionals and decision-makers in attaining an understanding of Hadoop's data dynamic and how it can help them meet their business goals.

Speaker MP3 Icon Big Data and Hadoop (1hr 32 mins)