Marketing in the Technological Age (Social Media & My Business)

How to Get, Engage & Retain More, Customers with Social Media, Mobile & Internet Marketing Strategies

Monday 7 March, 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Nelson Room, Ealing Town Hall, New Broadway, London, W5 2BY | Location Map

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The Clutter Factor ... The average consumer receives over 3,000 commercial messages every day. The landscape of marketing is changing and you need to adapt to survive in the technological age. The workshop cuts across all types of businesses because we are all in the business of selling products and services so getting, retaining and engaging with your customers is more important than ever before.

Presentation Objective

Marketing in the Technological Age will provide the following key information to the attendees:

  • The Greatest Marketing Challenge Of The New Millennium
  • Who are your customers and where to find them (psycho-demographics)
  • Traffic Sources, Lead Generation, Lead Capture & Sales Funnel
  • Differences between paid and organic traffic sources and why you need both
  • Sales Conversion, Service Fulfilment & Customer Nurturing
  • The Power of Content & Educational Based Marketing
  • Why the New Viral Marketing (Social & Mobile) is important
  • Understand Profit Maximisation & Joint Venture Marketing Strategies
  • Why Customer Life Time Value is so important (To determine marketing budget)
  • Why Custom Audiences & Pixel Audience is very Hot at the moment
  • Cutting Edges Marketing System, CRM, Tools what is working now.

Speaker: Samuel Bode-Odeyemi

Samuel is a dynamic, highly experienced Technology Architect & Business Transformation Specialist. He is currently engaged as a freelance Design Authority at Shell and he is the founder of MTC GS Limited a Business Transformation company based in the UK. With over 20 years in the IT industry, he has consulted for a number of Multi-national companies, UK Government Agencies and the Nigerian Government Agencies.

His specialties includes Marketing Systems, Business Intelligence, Business Automation, Business Process Management, Service Oriented Architecture, Virtualisation Technologies, Thin client, .NET and J2EE frameworks and extensive experience of designing large scale enterprise application, DBMS and network architectural designs. Utilising recognised methodologies for Enterprise Solutions design, implementation and programme management.


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