Problem Oriented Engineering

Wednesday 18th March 2009. 4.00pm - 5.00pm.

Room K6.29, King's Building, Strand Campus, KCL, London WC2R 2LS

Jon G. Hall & Lucia Rapanotti, The Open University

Engineering design processes by necessity include the identification and clarification of requirements, the understanding and structuring of the context into which the engineered system will be deployed, the specification of a design for a solution that can ensure satisfaction of the requirements in context, and the construction of arguments, convincing for all validating stake-holders, that the engineered system will provide the functionality and qualities that are needed.

We present a constructive problem solving framework for engineering design, called Problem Oriented Engineering (POE), that includes and interweaves all necessary process components. We will also show how POE is expected to work, with example applications including the design of this presentation, a Safety-Critical System design, e-Learning design, design capture, and others. More info on POE is available from


Jon is a senior lecturer and researcher in Computing at The Open University in Milton Keynes. His real passion is problem solving, but not those piddling little ones that you find in crosswords or soduku. We're talking big problems, like how to make Computing a proper engineering discipline. That's why Problem Oriented Engineering was born. Jon is also a spinning instructor, which keeps him fit. He lives (and works) in Milton Keynes with his wife, Lucia Rapanotti and his 11-year old son Gabri, who is learning how to solve problems with POE.

Everyone is welcome. Registration is not required.

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