Windows 10: What we know, and what you need to know

Thursday 16 October 2014, 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Room 9130, Cantor Building, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB

Mike Halsey, Andrew Bettany and Chris Rhodes


The next generation of Microsoft's venerable operating system is now here and is codenamed Window 10, but what are the changes that follow Windows 8, and how will Microsoft address the criticisms and concerns raised by users?

In this talk, Mike Halsey, Andrew Bettany and Chris Rhodes from the Windows User Group will bring you up to speed on the latest news about the next Windows, explain how criticisms are being addressed, show you why this is a release you should definitely take notice of, and answer any questions or concerns that may still remain.

Prior to the talk we will hold our AGM where you are welcome to seek nominations or nominate a colleague to be on the SYBCS branch committee this year as well as talk about other branch matters.