The History and Future of Liquid Cooling For Data Centers

Thursday 22 November 2012, 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Peter Hopton, CTO of Iceotope


Peter Hopton, CTO of Iceotope will take us through the history liquid cooling has played in IT and show how new advanced materials and technology can help increase both density and efficiency in the data center.

Liquid cooling is not a new concept, in fact it plays an important role in the history of IT. The Cray 2 was cooled using chilled 3M Fluorinert fluid, allowing it to achieve a density of 200KW in a single unit. From cold blocks to cold plates to full submersion, many different concepts have been successfully applied.

With the introduction of new, advanced, ultra-convective liquids like 3M Novec, liquid cooling has the potential to come out of the supercomputing niche and into the cloud, Peter Hopton looks at the science behind what could be the future of the data center.