Microsoft on Windows 7

The South Yorkshire Branch would like to thank The Training Foundry for generously sponsoring this event.

Thursday 19 May 2011, 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Steve Lamb, Microsoft


Microsoft are close to releasing Windows 7 which could revolutionise how people use personal computers - it will only do so if the benefits of upgrading (or switching platform) are clear. Particularly in the current economic environment (described as "depression 2.0" by many) each of us are closely examining the value that potential acquisition of products and services is likely to bring "in the real World".

The purpose of this talk is to both share with you the technical aspects of Windows 7 that will enable you to improve the productivity of your employees (and yourself) plus give you the opportunity to ask questions.

We will include the following topics subject to interest from the audience:

  • Win7 actually requires LESS hardware capabilities than previous platforms - we'll look at performance in some detail
  • Application compatibility - The design goal of Win7 is for at least 95% of applications that worked on Vista to run without modification. What are the options for getting ancient applications to work that only run on XP?
  • Security - we'll take a look at innovative features like "BitLocker To Go" (to encrypt USB memory sticks) and "Direct Access" (which obviates the need for VPN access)
  • Deployment tools - how to minimise the pain and effort to deploy Win7 - there are a gamut of free tools to make the job much easier
  • User Experience - what are the productivity benefits of live preview, gestures and other visual enhancements that are part and parcel of Windows 7

The speaker is highly technical and will encourage questions on any technical aspect of this exciting new operating system so don't be shy!


Steve Lamb is an expert in Information Security having helped leading companies across EMEA to do more with less risk. He specialised in the field back in 1994 and continues to find information security fascinating. Steve initially focused on the technical aspects of the discipline and through extensive experience implementing solutions he discovered the value of process and procedures.

For the last six years Steve has been Microsoft Ltd's Technical Security advisor researching/explaining/demonstrating/advocating how to most effectively reduce risk while maximising profits for customers.

Steve is well known on the speaker circuit (including TechEd) and has a reputation of being able to clearly communicate highly complex subjects to audiences large (up to 1,200 people) and small, technical and business.

Steve has deep technical security expertise of Microsoft's product suite including Windows client and server operating systems. He also has expertise in LINUX and a wide range of networking and cryptographic technologies.

Steve has excellent relationships with Chief Information Security Officers across the UK with whom he meets on a regular basis. He has architected and managed the implementation of security solutions for infrastructures supporting up to a million users and tens of thousands of servers. Steve has worked with commercial, government and defense organisations across Europe and provides advice to specialists across the World via his online presence.

Steve is an active blogger with a readership in excess of 100,000 people - type his name into Google and it's the top hit.

Out of work Steve is into a wide range of sports including Windsurfing, climbing, white water kayaking(instructor), snowboarding and running."