People - The Grit in The Machine?

The South Yorkshire Branch would like to thank The Training Foundry for generously sponsoring this event.

Thursday 21 January 2010, 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Peter Johnson, Fairday Research Limited


Humans (individually or in groups) are fuzzy, nebulous and difficult to predict. The lofty aims of many a service management project has been frustrated by the seemingly capricious or illogical nature of homo sapiens.

There is however one hundred years of science to help to deal with this aspect. Occupational psychology - or the study of people in work contexts - has accumulated a large body of knowledge in areas including; culture, motivation, change, performance, teamwork and effective learning interventions.

We discuss why drawing on this accumulated scientific knowledge may have beneficial outcomes on service management projects.


Peter Johnson has over 25 years of IT experience from across the spectrum of disciplines. He has worked at small and large organisations including Bain & Co, IBM, Reuters, BT, Orange, Virgin Atlantic and Kleinwort Benson (as was). He holds a Psychology degree from the University of Sussex and has been ITIL certified since 2001. He has recently completed an Occupational Psychology Masters programme at the respected Institute of Work Psychology at the University of Sheffield while working on a major UK service contract.


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