Directions in Data Centre Virtualisation and Management

The South Yorkshire Branch would like to thank The Training Foundry for generously sponsoring this event.

Thursday 15 November 2007, 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Peter West, Product Marketing Manager EMEA, VMware Inc.


Virtualisation is no longer just about consolidation, it provides substantial benefits to IT organisations seeking to reduce costs and improve operational agility. Whilst virtualisation can make IT infrastructure often even more challenging to manage it can also improve resource utilization and increase the flexibility needed to adapt to changing requirements and workloads.

However, by itself virtualisation is simply an enabler, with the addition of automation technologies resource efficiency can be improved dramatically. Flexibility can become automatic based on requirements, and services can be managed holistically, ensuring high levels of resiliency.

We will look at how organisations can take advantage of leading edge technologies from VMware to lay the foundation for the Next Generation Data Centre and provide the platform of choice for Windows and Linux based applications.


Peter West joined VMware in July 2007. In his current role Peter is a Technical Marketing Manager in the EMEA Product Marketing team.

Prior to joining VMware Peter was an IT Architect at Nationwide Building Society where he was the primary VMware champion and a member of VMware's Customer Advisory Council. Peter started at Nationwide as a trainee in Network Support and worked his way up over the past 20+ years. Most recently, over the last 3 years, he was focused entirely on developing the virtualisation strategy, researching and determining partner relationships, developing the business case and delivering platform focused Evaluations/Proof of Concepts The virtualisation strategy he developed for Nationwide (ALiVE© - Automated Lights-out Virtual Enterprise) defines a framework for the development of a Virtual Data Centre, with VI3 as the initial platform to be deployed.

Peter brings a wealth of real world experience with VMware to the team, having been through the whole cycle of testing, deploying and standardising on VMware's technology. He is currently focused on the operational and management of aspects of VMware's Virtual Infrastructure technologies.


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