The EvoGrid, an Evolution Grid in Cyberspace

BCS CONSIG joint event with Grey Thumb London*, other BCS Groups and the JCF.

Friday 11th July 2008, 5.45pm (registration, tea, coffee, biscuits) for 6.15pm start. Ends 8.30pm.

BCS London Office, First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA.

Bruce Damer and Justin Lyon.

Bruce Damer Last year on 9th May the BCS North London and Business Information Systems Groups hosted a very successful event entitled "Virtually There". The expert presenters were:

  • BRUCE DAMER - Virtual Worlds expert & author of "Avatars"
  • DR JIM PURBRICK - Software Engineer, Linden Lab
  • IAN HUGHES - Metaverse Evangelist, IBM

On that occasion Bruce Damer was unable to be physically present and gave his talk on "Virtual worlds and avatars" live via the internet from his home in California. On the 11th July Bruce will be in London and this time he will be talking on a different subject to members of the BCS, Grey Thumb London and other participating groups. All those who are interested are welcome to come along, bring colleagues and enjoy a stimulating evening.

Bruce Damer Bruce Damer will talk about the history, viability, desirability, and consequences of a successful EvoGrid experiment. Artificial life programs are where we have first seen a form of autonomous evolution, but these programs are limited because they tend to run in isolation.

He will explain how the Evogrid aims to overcome this limitation by engaging a community of developers to link their platforms into a single larger simulation. Imagine simulated ants moving across the Internet into an L-system garden world and interacting with plants, or a digital soup with a number of small and larger symbio-organisms swimming between servers. His talk will be followed by discussions where members can share their views and experience.

Justin Lyon, Rajan Anketell and Bruce Damer Bruce Damer is working on the EvoGrid as part of his PhD research being carried out for the University of East London/SmartLab and other institutions.

He founded in 1996 to provide a nexus for the community of artificial life developers, scientists, writers, and artists interested in the wider implications of evolution occurring within human technology. The EvoGrid is a project concept emerging from more than a decade of work on the project.

Bruce is a visionary technologist from Northern California whose work includes early graphical user interfaces for Xerox in the 1980s, pioneering work in the Avatar field in the 1990s, and innovations in the use of virtual worlds for space exploration working with NASA in the 2000s.

He also founded and curates the Digibarn, one of the world's largest collections of personal, interactive computing systems. He and his wife Galen Brandt live on a farm near Silicon Valley with three pot-bellied pigs. More can be seen about Bruce and his work and life at

Evolutionary Computing on Supercomputers:

Justin Lyon As a complement to the idea of using it on grids, Justin Lyon will present a short introduction to the concepts of using evolutionary computation on supercomputers such as Cell/BE and BG/P. He will expand on theme at the next meeting of Grey Thumb London. Details TBA.

Justin Lyon is the founder of GTL and a member of The Future 500. He spends his time trying to get organizations to appreciate the role of simulation science and artificial life for improving their performance into the future.

After the presentations members will have the opportunity to comment and share their knowledge and experience during open discussion

* Download short news item from the Operational Research Society E-Mag on Grey Thumb London (PDF).

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