China & India - after the recession: Comparing and contrasting two giants, highlighting the threats and opportunities to Western organisations

Flag of China Tuesday 21 July 2009

BCS, 1st Floor, 5 Southampton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2. Location Map

  Flag of India Timings:
6.00pm for 6.30pm start. Duration 60 minutes presentation plus 30 minutes Q&A. Followed by tea/ coffee/ networking.

China and India: two massive Asian countries with very long histories. Some 200 years ago they dominated world trade. With their high economic growth they are predicted to overtake most of the developed nations in the next 15 to 25 years.

Both countries have large, young populations, with a growing and a well-educated middle class, and an appetite for better things. Two huge countries, two huge markets on the verge of becoming consumer economies. And two huge competitors also.

This talk will analyse the two countries under politics, economics, social & cultural and technology factors. For each factor it will contrast and compare the two and try to draw out the implications for enterprises and for governments.

Also there is recent speculation that these two economies are decoupled from the Western ones and will not suffer our recession. This talk will try to throw some light on this notion.

Our Speaker:
Charles Chang, FBCS CITP - China and India watcher


Mr Charles Chang Charles Chang has been tracking China and India for all his adult life as he was born in Shanghai and brought up and educated in Calcutta, although he spent his working life in the West.

He has addressed the subject of "China-India: threat or opportunity" since 2006 to over 2,000 delegates on many occasions in several countries. Charles is a management consultant who normally works on soft issues in IT management but is increasingly engaged in voluntary work for BCS.

He developed his IT skills with IBM in the US (after gaining a master's degree there in electrical engineering) and with ICL in the UK. His consulting and research skills were developed at Butler Cox, Wentworth Research, and Gartner where he was a VP of EXP: Executive Programs for CIOs-CTOs until 2004.

Charles is the author of numerous reports and has addressed business and IT executives internationally.

PDF file China & India - presentation slides