BCS / IET Annual Turing Lecture 2014

Wednesday 26 February 2014

5.30pm - 9.00pm

University of Manchester, Lecture Theatre B, University Place, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL

Free and open to all.

Dr Bernard S Meyerson PhD


2014 Turing Lecture - Beyond silicon: cognition and much, much more

The prestigious Turing Lecture takes place on Wednesday, 26th February 2014. This year, our speaker is Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson, IBM Fellow and Vice President for Innovation.

Underlying IT's exceptional trajectory, over recent decades, has been the equally steady march of progress in silicon technology. In his lecture, Dr Meyerson addresses the challenges facing the future of IT - given that the notion of everlasting generations of smaller, faster and less costly technology has run squarely into immutable laws of physics (put succinctly, atoms don't scale).

Dr Meyerson says:

'It means a great deal to me to have been invited to give this prestigious lecture. Alan Turing for all intents and purposes founded the field I have worked in most of my career, so speaking at a series honouring his legacy is a great privilege'.

'It also provides an opportunity to step back from the day to day challenges associated with Information Technology and look at the entire landscape more broadly, something one must do regularly to avoid technical and intellectual dead ends. And it gives me the personally valuable incentive to take a broad view of coming discontinuities, associated challenges and opportunities for progress on different trajectories.'

'For many decades Information Technology has thrived, following a remarkable and reliable path of consistent and dramatic improvements in compute capabilities, costs and pervasiveness. This exceptional trajectory has been underpinned by the equally steady march of progress in silicon technology, often referred to as Moore's Law.'

'Today, however, material constituents of silicon technology have shrunk to the point that quantum phenomena render them useless and on-going scaling of technology ceases.Consequently the notion of everlasting generations of smaller, faster and less costly technology has run squarely into immutable laws of physics. Put succinctly, atoms don't scale.'

'Losing much of this core driver has forced a rebirth of innovation. Future progress in IT performance is being realised through new system architectures and materials and emerging new fields such as cognitive computing and its application to Big Data, proclaimed by Watson.'

'I will address the challenges IT faces going forward, and the promise of new applications emerging from increasingly innovative approaches to future systems.'

About the speaker

Bernard MeyersonDr. Meyerson, an IBM Fellow, now serves as IBM's Vice President for Innovation within the Corporate Strategy Organization. He is also responsible for IBM's Global University Relations program, as well as for the IBM Academy, a self-governed organization of the top ~1000 technical executives and senior technical leaders from across IBM. In a recent additional role, he leads corporate technical strategy.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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