Out with the Old, in with the New

Thursday 8th July 2010

BCS London Office, First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA

6pm (for 6:30pm start). Presentation finishes approx 7:30pm, refreshments until 8:30pm

Geoff Codd

Speaker Profile:

Over forty years ago Geoff Codd became involved with information technology at Rolls-Royce Aero Engine Division. Since that very early beginning he has faced almost every conceivable challenge in business IT exploitation, within a wide range of business cultures and management styles in both the Private and the Public Sectors, latterly at board level. This has provided him with a unique insight into the many major inadequacies that arise in business IT exploitation, both from a business management as well as a technology perspective.

The talk:

Geoff’s talk is based on his book The Drowning Director where he reviews IT exploitation management and organisation practices over the years. More importantly, he challenges the established 'wisdom' that has largely failed to deal with huge project management issues. Geoff then proposes a way forward that creates a much needed unity of purpose between business people and their technology professionals. Such change opens up new horizons of opportunity based on business reality, rather than on technology innovation that is insufficiently close to that reality.

With the advent of the 'Cloud' we see history repeating itself once again. Many fail to realise that the whole 'Cloud' concept has three important component parts; the technology issues (which are at least partly understood), the process issues (which are little understood), and the cultural issues (which are not properly understood at all). Geoff focuses heavily on those cultural issues, and on how the business/IT culture gap that is undoubtedly present in most organisations can be eliminated.

Some of the most important management process improvements that are needed involve a change in the business mind set, as well as in the IT exploitation process, and such all-embracing change can only be carried through by the CEO. Geoff’s book was therefore primarily directed at top business leaders rather than CIOs, although it is clearly essential reading for the change professionals.


Geoff Codd's presentation (PDF)