Towards e-Business Deployment Strategy: A Digital Gap Reduction

Tuesday 10 May 2016

7pm for Refreshment and formal session at 7:30pm

Room TC103, University of Gloucestershire, Park Campus, Cheltenham, GL50 2RH

Ali Meftah Bakeer, Research Associate, University of Gloucestershire


The focus of the presentation is to evaluate the benefits of e-business deployment projects and their associated Models. The SCALE MODEL shows the principles of e-business deployment strategy and associated dimensions for successful implementation, uncovering the barriers and drivers, and supporting organisations in ’ Importance Process Performance Analysis to guide and measure e-business benefits from the process, technology and users’ perspective.

The SCALE model is a clear, simple, cheap and powerful evaluation tool for organisations to determine characteristics that are doing well and attributes that require immediate improvement and development. The MODEL results were useful in identifying areas for strategic development in global organisations for future e-business deployment.