BCS Business Intelligence Specialist Group

The Business Intelligence Specialist Group helps analytical professionals and business decision makers support their organisations through networking opportunities and personal development events located at locations across the UK.

Our meetings are available in real time online and also recorded for anytime viewing. Business Intelligence is having a major impact in improving crucial decision making.

Target Audience

  • Decision Makers/ Management
  • Project Team members
  • BI consultants

Are you involved in Business Intelligence?. In a recent article, Gartner suggests that the Worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics Market will reach $18.3 Billion in 2017. The growing Specialist Group want to help people specialising in Business Intelligence and reporting to offer the latest news on a range of technologies.

In short, BI can help us become more intelligent about the way we do business.

Sometimes, the group works with external organisations such as Westminster College to deliver outstanding training using technologies such as Oracle, CXAIR, Power BI, SAP and MCSE. These events and courses will give you an insight of analytics solutions using software for delivering an enterprise business intelligence solution that gives the power to engage with all your data across any platform and on any device.

The purpose of a single group focusing on a single topic can help BCS and Non-BCS members improve the way Business Intelligence is applied across multiple sectors. Our target audience are focusing towards developing and established individuals. Already, the group is growing in both in the private and public sectors. Everyone is welcome!