Eight significant events in computing

Kingston and Croydon Branch joint event with Central London Branch.

Tuesday 2nd December, 2008. 6.00pm for 6.30pm. Ends 9.00pm.

Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London. Map.

Dr. T. William Olle is a noted lecturer, now retired, previously with NATO, Control Data and then RCA. Bill Olle entered the computing field in 1953 as a graduate student at Manchester University. 

In 1957, he moved to the Netherlands where he worked in computing for a NATO organization for seven years. In 1964, he moved to the USA where he was employed by Control Data and then by RCA. In 1972, after a year in Norway, he returned to the UK and established his international computing and lecturing practice. He retired in 1993. 

He has attended every IFIP congress since the inaugural one in 1959 and has previously been an invited speaker in Stockholm in 1967 and Canberra in 1996.

Dr William Olle, will describe eight of the most important developments of the past 50 years of computing, ranging from the first programmable computer, the creation of memory and discs, through to the invention of the first personal computer in the '80s, and the explosive impact of the World Wide Web and Internet in the '90s.

He says: "Sometimes it's hard to believe there was a life before the Internet because many aspects of our lives are connected via the web. There's also a lot of naiveté around the information technology, even though we use it every day. I hope to stimulate an interest in the history of computer technology, which although relatively short compared with other areas of study, has had a meteoric rise, now employs thousands of people, and is involved at every level of industry."

"Events such as the creation of a language for programming computers rather than machine code, or IBM's first computer, the 360, which broke down the barriers between academic and personal computing, were as revolutionary, if not more so than the present drive towards ever smaller computers that we can carry around with us."

Everyone is welcome. Admission is free.
Bring your colleagues and friends interested in IT.

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