Lean, Constraints, Action!

An interactive session to demonstrate Lean thinking in action and introduce the Theory of Constraints.

Tuesday 24th March 2009. 6.00pm for 6.30pm. Ends 8.00pm.

Please note that this event has been rescheduled from the 3rd February.

Room JG5002, John Galsworthy Building. This is Kingston University's newest addition.
Directions: through the main reception (Penrhyn Rd), down the corridor, exit right through glass doors and cross the quad, enter the John Galsworthy building and then proceed to the 5th floor.

Facilitators and presenters:
Allan Kelly and Kevin Rutherford

Allan Kelly helps growing companies to organise their software product development so they build the right thing and build it in the right way. He specialises in software development management, practices and business alignment. He is passionate about creating great software and believes that creating great software can help create great businesses. His expertise is in the application of Agile Software Development methods, their introduction and improvement. Each organisation needs to adapt Agile methods to best suit their needs and expand on the methods to fit with their business.

Kevin Rutherford is a leading agile software developer, Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional, with an extensive track record of on-time delivery. In his own practice he relies on agile principles, with strong emphasis on risk management, incremental delivery of tangible results and the creation of habitable, defect-free software. His focus is helping teams to exceed their customers' expectations by setting an example and mentoring anyone who wishes to improve their practices. Kevin founded the UK's AgileNorth group and is a member of the programme committee for the British Computer Society's SPA (Software Practice Advancement) annual conference. He runs workshops as an invited speaker at numerous events of the British Computer Society and the Agile Alliance. His blog Silk and Spinach is consistently ranked among the world's top 25 agile blogs by Technorati.

Summary and Agenda:
In this session they will demonstrate - with the help of the audience - the principles underlying lean production systems, and how they apply to software development. Time permitting, E. Goldratt's Theory of Constraints including the Five Refining Steps to improve processes will be introduced.

  1. Welcome and Introduction to Agile Practices
  2. Exercise - "push" production line (groups of 6 plus observers)
  3. Review
  4. 7 Wastes ("Muda") - the Toyota Production System and software
  5. Exercise - "pull" production line (Kanban system)
  6. Review
  7. The Theory of Constraints and the Five Step plan
  8. Questions & Close

The format will be fairly free-form, with questions and discussions welcome at any time. This is why we can't predict the amount we'll be able to cover in any detail. The two games should take about 10 minutes each.

Everyone is welcome. Refreshments provided. Admission is free.