An Agile Development Workshop

Tuesday 16 April 2013
18:00 for 19:00 start

Robert Recorde Room, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP

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No pre registration is required for this event.


Carl Allen a technical architect and Lee Street of Companies House will present a technical workshop to demonstrate the Agile approach to product development, Carl has worked in an agile development environment and Lee is a qualified scrum master. The demonstration will use a gaming/role playing approach to show what this environment is like to work in. This event has been very well received in the past and is a must for anyone who wants to gain an insight into the agile process in a risk free environment.

This workshop is based upon an agile simulation which is an interactive way to familiarise participants with some of the concepts of Agile Development. Participants will experience component parts of Agile such as velocity, story points, sprint planning & sprints (iterations). The goal is to make software developers and business people work together. Players will participate in the actual implementation of user stories, but don't worry they're not difficult or technical, just simple and fun. You do not need to be technical or have any particular skills or abilities to take part in this event which uses simple props to simulate a business environment.

A second event is planed which will go over in more detail some of the tools and techniques that will be introduced during this workshop, but the limited time means the descriptions have been broken out into a later event. Refreshments will be provided half way through the workshop which is planned to take about 90 minutes. Please note the early start time of 6pm as members will need be grouped into several business teams for this event.

Key takeaways:

  • An overview of the Agile approach
  • Actual experience of the agile approach through a role play simulation
  • A good introduction to agile team working in a friendly environment
  • An understanding of how you may implement a similar approach within your own organisation