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Gaining Control of your time by focussing on the important things that really make a difference (Part 1)!

Thursday 29 November 2012
18:15 for 19:00 start

Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3UZ

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John Mayne, Managing Director of Palladium


Who is this event for?
John Mayne, managing director of Palladium, who is a specialist in delivering professional training to business, returns to present his second talk on working with a high performance team in a time pressured environment. John will be running this short workshop to help leaders cope with the demands of working harder and longer.

This is the third in a series of professional development events which will be delivered in two parts. The first part forms an essential learning experience for managers and team leaders that require to be more in control of work events instead of being driven by them. No specific IT knowledge is required to attend and benefit from this event, and managers from all sectors are welcome.  The second part is scheduled for February in the new year, and will appear on the website shortly.
We have received several requests for a talk on this topic from members.

Working environments are now more demanding and competitive than ever. Managing time and work pressures are synonymous. Recognising the need to evaluate the way we use time is the positive action required to reduce workplace pressures. This is another must see talk for anyone interested in moving into (or refreshing) their management skills in IT or any other business sector. John's unique presentation style is sure to make this event both enjoyable and informative.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify personal challenges and raise self awareness to barriers in managing time.
  • Apply a range of tools to feel in more control of work events instead of being driven by them.
  • Recognise the difference between urgent and important tasks and prioritise accordingly.
  • Manage personal performance through SMART goal setting and action plans.

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