Project Management - Moving from Failure to Success

Tuesday 28 February 2017

BCS, 1st Floor, the Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA

6.00pm for 6.30pm start, presentation to 8.00pm followed by networking (approx. half an hour)

Free to attend for both BCS Members and non-members.

Speaker: David Reynolds, Chair of BCS Project Management Specialist Group


Much has been seen, heard, read and experienced in the realms of project failure.

Most of us have had occasion to discuss failed projects and nod wisely as the explanations are trotted out. However, despite this, the project cycle of excitement, expectation, hope, unease and alarm is regularly repeated - and many have walked this lonely road.

With project teams overflowing with bright ideas & common sense, and methodologies & tools abounding, many projects still find a way to fall short of expectations. Why can this be? What are the real reasons? And, most importantly, what can we do about them?

The title deliberately aims at taking an up-beat view of projects, based on tackling risk areas proactively up front - on the simple premise that prevention is preferable to cure and medicine is usually preferable to surgery.

Whether we are making fit-for-purpose chocolate teapots or supersonic aircraft, we require a careful fit-for-purpose approach to project management.

We will explore some key elements of People and Process and provide some experience, advice and suggestions for improving the chances of achieving a successful outcome - which includes, hopefully, the project team having had some fun at the same time.

About the speaker:

David Reynolds David Reynolds has spent over 30 years in IT delivering and receiving projects of all shapes and sizes in Central and Local Government and in the private sector and consultancy - including an engine monitoring ground station for the Harrier Aircraft. He is a Fellow and Chartered Engineer of the BCS and Chair of PROMS-G, its Project Management Specialist Group.

In 1993, he founded business consultancy KatAlyst, to help organisations achieve their strategic goals through high quality change consultancy and project management, and by unlocking the full potential and motivation of their staff through focused training and development.


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