2005 Annual General Meeting

YPG AGM 2005 On March 12th 2005, the British Computer Society's Young Professionals Group - the largest subgroup within the BCS - held their annual general meeting for 2005.

The meeting, which took place at the BCS's Southampton Street Offices, provided an opportunity for members of the YPG National Committee to discuss the progress made by the group and its members during the 2003-2005 period, as well as assess and define the future direction and strategy of the group for the coming year. To access the offical 2005 AGM minutes please visit the Communications section.

YPG AGM 2005 Amongst the highlights of the event were technical demonstrations of the YPG's Content Management System and presentations from Marilyn Curzon on the YPG's SkilllCentre events and Press activities and from Lee Maben on the YPG's Representative Reach project. In addition, Dr Mike Rodd on behalf of the BCS reported and reflected on both YPG and BCS developments over the year and thanked Mr Brown and the committee for their tremendous contribution to both the YPG and BCS.

YPG AGM 2005 As a result of the AGM, several changes were made to the structure of the YPG's National Committee Board, for more information about these changes, please refer to the National Committee page.