2003 Annual General Meeting

James Hickson On September 6th 2003, the British Computer Society's Young Professionals Group - the largest subgroup within the BCS - held their annual general meeting for 2003.

The meeting, which took place at London's Imperial College, provided an opportunity for members of the YPG National Committee to discuss the progress made by the group and its members during 2003, as well as assess and define the future direction and strategy of the group for the coming year.

In addition to the National Committee meeting, the 2003 AGM also gave rise to a congress, which allowed for individual members of the YPG - of which there are approximately fifteen thousand - to voice their own ideas, concerns and support for the group directly to members of the National Committee and also to Andy Lewis, Member Services Director and Registrar of the BCS.

Amongst the highlights of the event were technical demonstrations of the YPG's new Content Management System, a presentation from Andy Lewis concerning the recent proposals for change to the BCS' governance and membership structure and open-floor discussions regarding the group's 'Worklink' (an existing project for assisting YPG members in finding industrial work placements) and 'YPG Network' (a project established in order to improve communication and support between the YPG National Committee, YPG Network Ambassadors / Representatives and the fifteen thousand members of the Young Professionals Group) projects. 

YPG AGM 2003 The event, which proved to be a great success for all involved, was very well attended, with YPG members travelling from throughout the UK and Europe in order to show their support.

As a result of the AGM, several changes were made to the structure of the YPG's National Committee Board, which exists to provide and deliver support and services to the young professionals that form its member base. For more information about these changes, please refer to the National Committee page.

With the continuing, strengthened support of their ambassadors, the members of the revised YPG National Committee now look forward to building upon the successes of 2003, delivering an improved set of services and greater levels of support for a membership base that is now wider and more internationalised than ever before.