GDPR - So What Did We Forget?

Thursday 14 June 2018, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

University of South Wales, City Centre Campus, Usk Way, Newport, NP20 2BP


Damon Rands (Wolfberry) and Kerry Beynon (Acuity Legal)


It is now more than 18 years since the global Y2K software upgrade "went like a dream". GDPR is just as complex, but has received much less publicity. The problem is that GDPR reaches out far beyond the code, firstly into the surrounding business practices and procedures, and then again into human factors areas such as corporate structure, awareness training, and even psychological aptitude.

So with GDPR just three weeks old, our speakers will explain what their organisations did when preparing clients for GDPR implementation, and then outline their respective experiences of what "came out of the woodwork" as things went live.

In a priceless opportunity for members to check their own GDPR provisions, the speakers will then put their heads together as a brains trust to field questions from the floor.

Please submit questions to the Branch Chair at the start of the evening.


Damon Rands CISSP Is an experienced cyber security expert, with over 30 years in the Information technology industry. Having worked in development, support and installation he has helped companies across the globe build secure systems and implement best practices to protect their intellectual property and private information. Wolfberry’s global reach, means Damon spends his time helping organisations defend themselves from the Cyber Threat. Working with international organisations such as CH2M and Tata, to national sports teams, Wolfberry has the ability to assist any organisation in understanding and identifying the risks they face. Damon is a member of several advisory boards across education and government, helping shape the resilience and education standards for the nation.

Dr Kerry Beynon is a solicitor-advocate with higher rights of audience in both the civil and criminal courts. Specialising in data protection, information technology law and intellectual property law she acts for a range of commercial entities and public bodies. Prior to entering legal practice Kerry taught IP and contract law at a British University. Kerry has provided training nationally and internationally on intellectual property and data protection to professionals, international corporations and public bodies. A member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, she has also passed the EU GDPR Practitioner (EU GDPR P) qualification (ISO 17024-certificated).