Past events

On this page we provide information on some of our past events, where we have permission to do so from our presenters.

Where appropriate, and when permission can be obtained, we will add information from other recent ISSG events to this page. Where one one or more presenters prefer, we make the presentations available on a "not for open publication" basis, through the members-only area of the main BCS website. We then advise attendees and (where permitted) other ISSG members when this is done.

Authentication in a Modern World
18 Sep 2019, London

Cyber Security and the DPO
1 May 2019, London

Problems to Solve in GRC
5 Mar 2019, London

20th ISSG Annual Legal Day
28 Feb 2019, London

How do you solve a problem like Mario?
26 Sep 2018, London

BCS ISSG - Fundamental truths of managed detection and response
3 May 2018, London

19th ISSG Annual Legal Day
28 Feb 2018, London

Capture The Flag Competition
30 Nov 2017, London

Cyber Prevention through Higher Education Collaboration
30 Nov 2017, London

GDPR Implications on Cyber Security
7 Nov 2017, Knutsford

Information Security Specialist Group (BCS ISSG) Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017
7 Nov 2017, Knutsford

Distributed Ledger Technology - Will the Promise be realised?
17 Oct 2017, London

Cyber Security Women's Day
16 Sep 2017, London