Past Conferences: 2012

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Conferences on Quality 2012
21 - 23 Aug 2012

The BCS Quality Specialist Group's Annual International SQM (Software Quality Management) and INSPIRE (International conference for Process Improvement, Research and Education) Conferences was held from Tuesday 21 - Thursday 23 August 2012 at the University of Tampere, Finland.

The 20th International Software Quality Management (SQM) Conference aims to promote co-operation and greater understanding among practitioners and academics by providing an opportunity to share research and practical experience.

The 17th Annual INSPIRE conference, organised in conjunction with the BCS e-Learning SG, addresses software process improvement related to teaching, training and research whilst SQM addresses issues relevant to business and industry. 

SQM 2012 Conference Topics:

  • Software process improvement methodologies and frameworks
  • Agile methods and development
  • Capability maturity models
  • Measuring and evaluating quality and process improvement
  • Achieving software quality standards
  • Metrics
  • Project Management
  • Estimation
  • Outsourcing
  • Human, cultural, professional and ethical issues of quality  
  • The need for quality standards for the internet
  • Testing
  • Knowledge Management
  • Implications of software quality for E-business success
  • Electronic communication quality and effectiveness
  • Using the web to produce quality software solutions
  • Network security and integrity
  • Risk Management
  • Intellectual copyright, data protection and other legal and ethical issues
  • Greening issues
  • Cloud computing

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INSPIRE 2012 Conference Topics:

  • eLearning and e-safety
  • Teaching and learning software quality and software process improvement
  • Developing and support of high quality Resource Based Learning Environments and Materials
  • The Bologna Process and computing curricula
  • On-Line and Distance Learning
  • Research and Learning Communities
  • Teaching of Professional and Ethical Issues
  • Continuous Professional Development for software practitioners
  • Organisational Quality Management Systems in education
  • Raising awareness of software quality issues
  • Social Responsibility
  • Greening issues

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Conference Chairs
Eleni Berki, Juri Valtanen, Pirkko Nykanen, Kari-Jouko Raiha, University of Tampere
Geoff Staples, BCS Quality SG Chair
James Uhomoibhi, BCS E-Learning SG Chair

Papers and Management Summaries, to be sent by email to:

Professor Margaret Ross, Conference Director
Southampton Solent University
Faculty of Technology, East Park Terrace
Southampton, Hampshire SO14 6RD, UK

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