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07 September 2007

SQM and INSPIRE conference day

By popular demand the following has recently been arranged: An extra SQM and INSPIRE conference day to be held in North Wales.

Venue: The North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (see

This conference day has been organised to be co-located with the final day of The Second International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA 07)

Papers can be submitted for SQM and for INSPIRE conferences to Margaret Ross, at

Conference content and format as for the normal SQM and INPIRE conferences (See "Call for Papers" and "Paper Format" from the Navigation Menu on the left hand side of

SQM and INSPIRE Conferences 2007
(1-2 August 2007)
To celebrate the 50th (Golden Jubilee) Anniversary of BCS SQM '07 and INSPIRE '07 International Conferences are being organised in the United Kingdom at Staffordshire, by Staffordshire University, and in Finland at Tampere, by University of Tampere.
Conferences on Quality 2007
(2-4 April 2007)

The BCS Quality Specialist Group's Annual International SQM (Software Quality Management) and INSPIRE (International conference for Process Improvement, Research and Education) Conferences will be held from Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th of April 2007 at BCS Staffordshire University, UK.

The 15th International Software Quality Management (SQM) Conference aims to promote co-operation and greater understanding among practitioners and academics by providing an opportunity to share research and practical experience.

The 12th Annual INSPIRE conference addresses software process improvement related to teaching, training and research whilst SQM addresses issues relevant to business and industry.

Aims and Objectives

  • To improve awareness of process improvement issues
  • To promote better understanding of software quality and process improvement issues
  • To increase the effectiveness of process improvement
  • To improve the quality of web communication
  • To improve the quality of relevant courses for academia and for industry
  • To improve the quality of software

SQM 2007 Conference Topics:

  • Software process improvement methodologies and frameworks
  • Agile methods and development
  • Capability maturity models
  • Measuring and evaluating quality and process improvement
  • Achieving software quality standards
  • Metrics
  • Project Management
  • Estimation
  • Human, cultural, professional and ethical issues of quality
  • The need for quality standards for the internet
  • Testing
  • Knowledge Management
  • Implications of software quality for E-business success
  • Electronic communication quality and effectiveness
  • Using the web to produce quality software solutions
  • Network security and integrity
  • Risk Management
  • Intellectual copyright, data protection and other legal and ethical issues

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INSPIRE 2007 Conference Topics:

  • Teaching and learning software quality and software process improvement
  • Developing and support of high quality Resource Based Learning
  • Environments and Materials
  • The Bologna Process and computing curricula
  • On-Line and Distance Learning
  • Learning Communities
  • Teaching of Professional and Ethical Issues
  • Continuous Professional Development for software practitioners
  • Organisational Quality Management Systems in education
  • Raising awareness of software quality issues in business and industry

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Copyright of accepted papers will remain with the authors.

Papers, Posters and Management Summaries relating to industrial experience, case studies, collaborative academic / industrial papers and academic papers, are sought now, to be sent by email to:

Professor Margaret Ross
Southampton Solent University
Faculty of Technology
East Park Terrace
Hampshire SO14 6RD, UK


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