Quality-Driven Agile Project Management: The 'Evo' Method

Friday 20 November 2015

8.45am - 4.30pm

BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA | Maps
(Approximately 10 minutes walk from Waterloo Station and Charing Cross Station)

BCS Members: Free of charge
Non-Members: £40.00 (including VAT @ 20%)

A laptop or tablet will be required to participate in the course. No lunch will be provided.

Lecturers: Tom Gilb and Kai Gilb


Most IT projects fail wholly or partly to satisfy expectations of funders and stakeholders (try Googling IT Project Failure). The Royal Academy of Engineering concluded that: 'The methods for avoiding IT project failure are known to the community, but not practiced'. There is a huge motivational, political and economic problem here, and we are not going to solve it with this course alone. But for those who want the 'well hidden' knowledge of how to succeed in IT Project Management, we are going to present those techniques that we believe need practicing in order to succeed.


1 hour Briefing on Foundations (covered by other BCS Courses, Quality SG)

  • Focus on Stakeholders: why it is dangerous to focus on users and customers alone.
  • Focus on Value: why it is bad to focus on functions, use cases, building code.
  • Quantifying Values and Qualities: how to make unclear requirements much clearer
  • Multiple Levels of Project Control (Organization, Stakeholder, IT, Tech Design)
  • How to relate designs to requirements, value drivers to value needs: Impact Estimation Tables

Main Project Management 'Evo' Subjects

  • Decomposing Project Deliverables to give a stream of high value.
    • 20 Decomposition Principles
    • The 111111 Method
    • The Value Decision Table Method of Decomposition
    • The Requirement Qualifier method of Decomposition
  • Cost Estimation by Feedback, and Change. How to deliver, before the deadline.
    • Dynamic Design to Cost method of being on time , under budget
  • Using the Value Impact Table to manage and report project progress.
  • Case Studies of results using these methods.
  • Backroom and Frontroom Project Management.
  • 'Evo' as an agile method for those who need to manage quality.
    • Adding Evo Quality Management to Scrum.
  • Contracting for Value Delivery: The Flexible Contract Method