Past conferences: 2005

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SQM 2005 and Inspire 2005 conferences were held in March at the University of Gloucestershire, at Cheltenham.

The conferences were attended by delegates from industry and academia, with speakers various countries including USA, the United Arab Emirates, Finland and Greece as well as the UK.

The highlight of the first day of SQM2005 was the keynote speech by Arthur Hill, Quality Manager, Detica Ltd and Chairman of Intellect Quality Group on Service Management - the New Quality and on ITIL®. This was very well received and was followed by an interesting discussion.

The second day started with the keynote by Professor Darren Dalcher, of Middlesex University on Making Decisions: The Good, the Bad and the Professional, which generated considerable audience participation. The papers cover a broad spectrum of practical experience and research.

The topic areas included process improvement, quality standards, metrics, estimation, product quality, outsourcing, and quality in e-commerce systems Inspire 2005 was the tenth in the annual series of international conferences on teaching and training issues relating to software process improvement.

The objective of this conference was to promote international co-operation among those concerned with process improvement by creating a greater understanding of process improvement issues, and by sharing current research through academic and industrial experience.

Inspire 2005 attracted papers from international sources, covering a broad spectrum of practical experience and research. The topic areas include teaching software quality and software process improvement, assessment, and raising awareness of ethical and professional issues in business and industry.

Books were again produced from the SQM and the INSPIRE conference proceedings:

2005 Current Issues in Software Quality
ISBN 1-902505-67-0 

2005 Quality Issues in the Teaching of Computing
ISBN 1-902505-68-9