Serious Games for Healthcare: Applications and implications

Thursday 10 March 2016

6pm to 7pm

University of Greenwich, Room KW315, King William Court, Greenwich, London

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Joint with the BCS Animation and Games Development SG and University of Greenwich. Games & Digital Media at Greenwich: Guest Seminar Series.

Dr Ioannis Paraskevopoulos

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Dr Damon Daylamani-Zad


In this talk, Dr Ioannis Paraskevopoulos will discuss the current state of the art in Serious Games for a variety of application areas and focus on his current work and research initiatives on Serious Games for upper limb rehabilitation, balance training, defence simulations with virtual reality and advance human computer interfaces. Ioannis will also be looking at how Serious Games will enable a viable home based intervention considering the implications for people and government.

About the speaker:

Dr Ioannis Paraskevopoulos  is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at University of Greenwich. He received his MSc in Wireless Communication Systems and PhD in 3D Multimedia Technologies and Serious Games from Brunel University London. His doctoral scholarship was partially funded by the MoD and NHS. More recently, he has worked as a Lecturer in Gaming Technologies at Anglia Ruskin University and before that as a Research Assistant for College of Health and Life Sciences at Brunel University London and on an interdisciplinary project titled 'National Guidance for Measuring for Provision of Minor Assistive Devices' funded by UKOTRF.

His research has gained attention from various media outlets and has won awards in International Conferences. Dr Paraskevopoulos has strong expertise in applications of technology in a Serious Games context and in a broad range of domains. More specifically, he is interested in user-centred design and evaluation of serious games, interactive systems, multimedia applications and tools that promote knowledge transfer and behaviour change and facilitate well-being and better health in all social aspects. He has been researching on how digital economy can realise the potentials of a more sustainable society, particularly in the areas of health and defence.

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