A Technical Description of “The Glastonbury Experience without Wellies”

Thursday 26 March 2015

6.00pm for 6.30pm start - 8.30pm

Room 326, 3rd Floor, Reginald Mitchell Building, Southampton Solent University,  East Park Terrace, Southampton SO14 0YN | Map and Directions

This event is are free, and open to all - booking details and room number at Southampton Solent University to be provided later.

Andrew Horsburgh, Peter Richardson and Jonty Stewart


This special series of evenings at Southampton Solent University will present a newly developed visual and audible experience, with the two evenings given to the system; a demonstration on 26 Feb) and technical discussion (26 March) on a unique immersive experience which features bespoke wrap-around visuals and surround sound. Footage includes Solent's work at summer festivals and country shows. The multimedia experience includes a synchronised light show to heighten the Glastonbury experience!

The second evening, on 26 March will provide a seminar on the three areas in which computing has been integrated to produce a sample-accurate demonstration system: vision, sound, and lights. Each feature an element of bespoke system control reserved for high-end performances or demonstrations. Throughout both evenings, the proposed future of the beta system will be given - with a call for content providers to help expand the system to feature haptics, acoustic design, computer model manipulation, and immersive gaming.

The project team behind these is currently as follows;

Andrew J. Horsburgh is a lecturer in Media Technology at Solent University, specialising in digital audio and audio post production. Andrew has recently completed a doctoral thesis on the perceptual measurement of spatial audio reproduction systems, and his awaiting his viva. Andrew’s speciality of three-dimensional soundfields is deployed throughout the A.I.M.E system. His research interests include spatial audio, audio scene analysis, live sound, and audio forensics. Andrew is a reviewer and contributor for Focal Press, a conference reviewer for the Audio Engineering Society, and sits on the Innovation in Technology 2015 conference committee.

Andrew’s role is the project co-ordinator and technical director. Andrew’s background is in sound reinforcement and spatial audio sound fields.

Peter Richardson graduated in BSc (Hons) Music Studio Technology from Southampton Solent University in 2009.Having worked in sound production and post-production since leaving higher education. Peter returned to Solent as the Technical Coordinator for the Media Technology program at Solent University.In 2014 Peter completed a post-graduate certificate in Acoustics and Noise Control. Peter is an active member of the IOA (Institute of Acoustics) and SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers).Areas of interest include Acoustics, Sound Production/Post-Production, and Audio and Video Technologies.
Peter is the project’s visual co-ordinator responsible for the ingestion and projection within the exhibit. Currently, Peter is continuing the development of the unique capture process that will be native to the visual element of the project.

Jonty Stewart is a full time senior lecturer in audio technology at Southampton Solent University, specialising in acoustics, sound reinforcement, and live event technology. Within the AIME project, Jonty uses his knowledge of systems design to implement lighting schemes which are synchronised to the video feed, expanding the experience outside the constraints of the screen. External activities include running his acoustics consultancy, Wight Noise Ltd, and regular involvement with the Institute of Acoustics (IoA) and the Association of Noise Consultancies (ANC), for whom he chairs the Certification Committee.
Jonty’s expertise is in system control. As a result Jonty provides the system with the lighting control and management that allows for simultaneous response to on-screen visuals.